Tile roof | insertion system side-fix

Insertion system with modules installed in portrait

  • Mounting modules in portrait or in landscape
  • Easy to assemble connection from the side
  • The C-N-rail also acts as a cable channel
  • Insertion rail in blank and black anodized – color matching the module

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Your benefits

High-quality installation aesthetics and efficient thanks to insertion technology

Quick roof hook installation through click technology

Roof hooks for large tile overlap up to approx. 11 cm

Tension-free and floating mounting


Module assembly Profile rails Roof assembly


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More information about the tile roof mounting system

High quality and well designed to the last detail: With our new roof hook and the insertion system you can fix your photovoltaic system safely and stably on your tiled roof. No matter if lanscape or portrait module mounting, bright aluminium or black anodized, with novotegra you make the right choice! The design of the roof hook ensures a safe installation even with large tile coverings of up to approx. 11 cm. In combination with the new C-N-rail and our proven insertion rail the installation is quick and easy. The C-N rail combines the advantages of our reliable module mounting rails – namely the laterally height-adjustable connection to the roof hook and the use of the rail as a cable channel.

The insertion rail is fixed with the pre-assembled cross rail connector set. The modules are held tension-free and floating in the insertion rails, which are available in bright aluminium or black anodised, depending on the colour of the module frame. You get a homogeneous, attractive appearance of your system with a unitary construction that you can mount quickly and easily, thanks to well-known components made of durable, corrosion-free materials that can be used across all novotegra pitched roof systems. All components are made of durable, corrosion-free materials.

Mounting tutorial

How to easily mount our tile roof insertion system.

Module approvals

Manufacturer Module Flat roof II / Flat roof III Flat roof II with 3rd base trough Insertion system portrait Insertion system landscape Insertion system portrait with support rail Status
Suction Pressure Suction Pressure Suction Pressure Suction Pressure Suction Pressure

The specified values (given in Pascal (Pa)) correspond to the permissible load. The safety factor of 1.5 to be considered according to IEC 61215 is already included. To the best of our knowledge and conscience, we have compiled the listed data for you from the individual approvals or installation instructions of the manufacturers. We accept no liability for transmission errors or changes to the values at short notice.

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