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General FAQs

A single module is possible. Please note: The larger the system, the less ballast is required per module.

The novotegra mounting system can be used with just one module. There are also no maximum unit restrictions.

Unfortunately, we do not offer direct sales. Our products are sold exclusively to business customers. If required, you can contact a PV installation company.

We offer a 12-year guarantee.

For free initial mounting support, you can contact your responsible Baywa r.e. sales representative.

Further information is available here.

novotegra mounting systems can only be purchased from the wholesaler Baywa r.e..

If you are already a BayWa r.e. customer, you can order our products in the online shop.

If you are not yet a BayWa r.e. customer, simply register here.

Please note: It may take a few days to check your registration. A contact person from the sales department will then get in touch with you.

Each middle clamp is fitted with a contact plate. To ensure electrical conductivity between the mounting system and the roof cladding, larger hole diameters are created in the short profile using screw diameters.

An earthing connector is fitted to the rail and a contact plate for potential equalisation is inserted in each middle clamp.

With our novotegra mounting set for module optimisers, all systems with C-rails as well as flat roof II and flat roof III can be equipped with an optimiser/inverter.

Yes, but this cannot yet be planned in Solar-Planit.

You can find more information about the façade system here.

The novotegra façade system is suitable for cold façades with a concrete or brickwork thickness of 10 cm.




The use of our Solar-Planit planning tool is free of charge.

For planning and designing your mounting system according to your individual requirements.

You can also easily plan your entire PV project (inverter, battery, economic efficiency calculation and planning report) with our software.

To use Solar-Planit, you need to register once. You can do this easily via our website.

You can also use Solar-Planit without a customer account. 

However, entering company information makes it easier to work together on projects within a company.

Log in to Solar-Planit with your user data. Then click on your user name in the main menu.

There you now have the option of changing your stored profile data.

Unfortunately, we occasionally have to carry out work on our server or the application. This may mean that Solar-Planit is temporarily unavailable. Please simply try again later.

Planned maintenance work is usually announced by us one to two days in advance by means of a notification on the login page.

There could be several reasons why you have not received a confirmation e-mail. Firstly, the email could be in your spam folder.

If the e-mail is not there, there may be an input error in the e-mail address.

In this case, please contact solar-planit(at) with your login details.

The opening of pop-ups is probably deactivated in your browser. Your browser may display a message that a pop-up has been blocked and offer to open it later. However, opening the pop-up later leads to an error in Solar-Planit.

To solve the problem, you must allow pop-ups in general or add an exception for the page You can find out how to do this on the pages of the respective browser manufacturer.

If no mounting system and no module fields are displayed when opening a project, although you are sure that you have assigned modules to the roof before saving, please contact solar-planit(at), stating the project name.



Tile roof systems

The novotegra tile roof mounting system is suitable for roof pitches of 0 - 60°.

A thermal separation is required from a rail length of 13 metres.

Yes, this is generally possible. We recommend checking this on site.



Trapezoidal metal roof systems

Sheet steel should have a thickness of at least 0.4 mm.

Aluminium sheet should have a thickness of at least 0.5 mm. However, we recommend a thickness of 0.7 mm.

With our light elevation system, the modules can be elevated by 5°. Systems with a higher elevation angle are available on request.

There is no module field limit for this system.



Corrugated roof systems

The PV system is mounted on corrugated roofs using stock screws and the novotegra standard C-rail.

After 8.5 metres, a separation must be made using an expansion joint or floating bearing.



Sandwich roof systems

Direct mounting on sandwich roofs is generally possible. However, the project-specific approval of the roof manufacturer must be obtained for this.

PV systems on sandwich roofs are connected using stock screws and our standard C-rail.

After 8.5 metres, a separation must be made using an expansion joint or floating bearing.



Seamed metal roof systems

Yes, it is possible to install novotegra clamps on copper roofs. Oxidation between aluminium and copper can be prevented by using our stainless steel saddle.

A module field separation is required after each rail length (5.40 metres).

Our round seam and standing seam clamps can be used to cover many different seamed roofs (other clamps on request).



Flat roof systems

We recommend concrete slabs measuring 30 cm x 30 cm or 40 cm x 40 cm.

Yes, commercially available stones can be used for ballasting according to the weight specifications in the planning documents. In Solar-Planit, you can define different ballast stones and get a clear list of which stones you need.

This is possible with the Flat Roof II system. Here we work together with partner companies.

Earthing connectors are mounted on the base rail and a contact plate for potential equalisation is inserted into the middle clamps.

For green roofs, we recommend our specially developed green roof system, which offers sufficient distance to the roof surface for plant growth and sliding snow thanks to its installation height.



Green roof systems

The module supports are made of recycled, UV-resistant plastic.

Yes, but this is not ideal and also involves considerably more effort than the recommended ballasting with substrate.

The distance depends on the ballast or substrate height.

Yes, this is possible in individual cases. Please get in touch with your BayWa r.e. contact person.

We recommend extensive greening and a substrate that has been specially developed for the combination of green roof and PV. Please contact your local green roof installer for more information.