PV mounting systems for trapezoidal metal roof

Clamping system - always the right solution

Our systems – your choice! The versions with the short rail C24 and C47 are easy to handle on site thanks to their preassembled components. Or you might decide on the C-rail assembly. Then you’ll get neat cable routing and a load-distributing connection to the trapezoidal sheet. Our clamping systems for modules in portrait meet every requirement.


Clamping system

Insertion system - attractive and unmistakable appearance

Do you value the advantages of quick module assembly with our insertion system and would also like excellent rear module ventilation? Then we have exactly the right solution for your trapezoidal metal roofs, using the combination of our insertion rails and our various short rails.


Insertion system

Slight elevation - increase in module efficiency

With our slight elevation on trapezoidal metal sheet we increase the module efficiency compared to roof-parallel mounting with short profiles. With an 5° elevation angle this solution is particularly suitable for very flat trapezoidal sheet metal roofs. It also ensures a better self-cleaning effect and increases rear ventilation of the modules.


Clamping system with slight elevation

Trapezoidal metal roof mounting systems

Clamping system portrait

Always the right solution

Clamping system landscape

Quick assembly

Clamping system light elevation

Increase in module efficiency

Insertion system trapezoidal bracket sheet

Convincing quality

Insertion system short rail

Attractive and unmistakable appearance

Further solutions for elevated applications

You are interested in one of the following elevated solutions on trapezoidal sheet metal roof?
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Clamping system: South-facing

Clamping system: South-facing on east-west roof

Insertion system: South-facing with triangle on bridge

Insertion system: South-facing with triangle on east-west roof

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