Seamed metal roof | clamping system

Single-rail clamping system with modules installed in portrait

  • Excellent module rear ventilation
  • Installation-friendly clamps with a click-in mechanism
  • Components usable across different roof types
  • Seam clamps for standing seam and round seam

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Only a handful of components – entirely preassembled

Centric load distribution

C-rail also acts as a cable channel

Quick mounting from above with easily graspable components


Module assembly Profile rails Roof assembly


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More information about the seamed metal roof mounting system

Be it a standing seam roof or a rounded seam roof: Our novotegra clamping system, which has proven itself over years of service, ensures the reliable, stable and secure attachment of your photovoltaic installation on any seamed metal roof. With the roof seam clamping technology, our mounting system is attached directly to the roof seam: The load is transferred centric in to the seam. Our clamping system for seamed metal roofs can also be used on standing seam roofs made of copper. They have a high production quality and comprise durable and corrosion-resistant components – perfect for the individual requirements of the

photovoltaic installation on site. Our clamping system is quick and easy to fix to the seamed metal roof. It comprises only three components: the C-rails, the seamed metal and the module clamps. The modules are installed vertically. The module clamps are available in three sizes – and in either blank aluminium or black. Mounting is done comfortably form above. The rails can also be extended with connectors as needed. Our mounting system for seamed metal roofs provides excellent rear ventilation of the modules and – with decent system components and homogenous module fields – attractive aesthetics.

For further information on installing the system and fixing the components, please refer to the mounting instructions.

Mounting tutorial

How to easily mount our seamed metal roof clamping system.

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