Metal tile roof | clamping system landscape

Clamping system with direct fixing and modules installed in landscape

  • Only a handful of components, entirely pre-assembled
  • Low material costs and easy handling
  • High holding forces thanks to chipless direct fixing with building authorityapproved thin sheet screws
  • Only one mounting tool necessary

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Most cost effective mounting option on metal tile roof

Module clamping in the optimum clamping range

Reduced logistical effort on the roof

Quick and efficient mounting from above


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More information about the metal roof mounting system

With our clamping system for metal tile roofs with module landscape assembly, we always have the right solution completely pre-assembled for you. Whether for the yield-optimized system or the project business, you get a proven mounting system with a high manufacturing quality, made from durable and corrosion-resistant materials. Our clamping system for metal tile roofs also gives you an attractive price-performance ratio. With the building authority-approved thin sheet metal screws, you can fasten the roofing tiles, which have already been cut to the correct length and glued with high-quality EPDM sealing strips directly onto the metal tile high beads.

The modules are fastened using the tried-and-tested middle and end clamps - with only two different clamps we cover all frame heights from 30 - 52 mm. Easy handling on-site guarantees fast and extremely efficient assembly from above - without sawing or drilling chips. One tool is all that is needed, because the drive of the thin sheet metal screws and clamps are identical. Excellent rear ventilation of the modules, electrical conductivity between the system and roof cladding, as well as low material usage and attractive appearance are further advantages of our mounting system - leaving nothing to be desired.

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