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Manufacturer and developer of PV mounting systems

Mounting systems from novotegra have been developed in Tübingen since 2005 and are distributed to installers and project planners throughout Europe. Versatile usability and a high degree of safety are values on which novotegra places a special focus.

In general, market research is not carried out in our office, but on site on the roof. This also enables us to keep our promise to you: Together we will find the perfect solution for every roof!

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The history of novotegra

While BayWa r.e. Solar Energy Systems GmbH was initially still selling purchased mounting elements, the need for a mounting system tailored to current market requirements became increasingly clear. Product developer Martin Schäfer set about developing a simpler and more flexible mounting solution, revolutionising the previous practice of roof hooks welded to the base profile.

The first novotegra prototype was developed by us in 2006 and manufactured by hand in a forge in Stuttgart. Even 18 years later, the product is still unique on the market.

Martin Schäfer, inventor of the novotegra mounting system

The result was a tried-and-tested solution: the screw-in roof hook in combination with the basic profile went into series production and thus onto the market. While the roof hook was initially produced pragmatically with the help of a hydraulic log splitter at a small Swabian company, state-of-the-art machines now take over production.



Planning the PV installation was initially very complex: Simple dimensioning diagrams were used to determine the permissible roof hook spacing, and the load-bearing capacity of the roof hook was determined in a custom-built test rig. In 2007, the precursor to today's Solar-Planit planning tool was created to enable solar projects to be planned down to the last detail. 

A big step was taken in 2021: novotegra GmbH was spun off as an independent company. 20 years of combined experience were now under one roof! Among other things, this focussing enabled shorter development times and increased and even better customer support. Michael Harre and Thomas Pfaff became managing directors of novotegra GmbH. 

With Michael Harre's move to the management of our sister company BayWa r.e. Solar Energy Systems, Stefan Krokowski took over his position on 1 June 2023. Since then, Stefan has been responsible for the commercial areas of marketing, sales and product management at novotegra GmbH. Thomas Pfaff remains Managing Director for the technical areas.  

Due to the rapid growth, space in both the warehouse and the rented office building became scarce. This was remedied by the new novotegra warehouse with 11,625 square metres of space, which was occupied in April 2023, and the state-of-the-art office building, which was occupied in July. The latter, with a floor area of 2,700 square metres, was built using sustainable construction methods. The warehouse and office building are designed as energy-plus buildings, i.e. they produce more energy than they consume. 

Social responsibility

For a better community.

At novotegra, not only is environmental sustainability important to us, but we also take into account social aspects such as the relationship with our fellow human beings. We want to be a conscious company that strengthens social values, as well social actions towards customers, suppliers, employees and the general society. 

About Bruderhaus Diakonie

The Bruderhaus Diakonie runs numerous facilities in Baden-Württemberg in the fields of youth welfare, care for the disabled, care for the elderly, social psychiatry and in the field of employment and vocational training. 

At novotegra we maintain a close working relationship in which our components are pre-assembled by Bruderhaus employees. 


A long-standing partnership

As a supplier of the first hour for the production of mounting groups and set articles, the Bruderhaus Diakonie is considered an important business partner for novotegra GmbH. The two houses are connected not only by the production of mounting system components, but also by the philosophy in their dealings with each other and in their daily activities. 

The constant expansion of production capacities by Bruderhaus for existing and new products of the mounting system has played a significant role in novotegra's success since its market launch in 2007. 

Our distribution channel

novotegra mounting systems are sold throughout Europe exclusively via BayWa r.e. Solar Energy Systems.

Sustainability at novotegra

We have taken and successfully implemented a number of measures to ensure we are doing all that we can to make a difference.

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