Seamed metal roof | insertion system

Single-rail insertion system with modules installed in landscape

  • Clamping technology with clamping points on the seam flanging
  • Module portrait and landscape mounting possible
  • Quick and efficient mounting from above
  • Also suitable for standing seam roofs made of copper

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High-end installation aesthetics and timeefficient mounting thanks to insertion technology

Tension-free and floating module mounting

Completely pre-assembled seam clamp with connector for the insertion rail

Cost-optimised single-rail system


Module assembly Roof assembly


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More information about the seamed metal roof mounting system

Proven clamping technology on standing seams and elegant system aesthetics thanks to our insertion system – the combination of extended standing seam clamps and proven insertion rails makes it possible. Whether on a gabled roof or a mono-pitch roof, with our insertion system for standing seam roofs, you can install the modules in portrait or landscape on the roof coverage. You can choose between blank aluminium and black insertion rails – we have both versions ready for you and suitable for all module frame heights.

The design of the standing seam clamp allows for gentle fastening to the standing seam flanging and at the same time for simple direct fastening of the insertion rail with the proven holding bracket on the standing seam clamp. This makes our system efficient in assembly and economical because there is no need for a cross rail. We make sure the system looks good as well: the edge stop forms the closure at the edge of the system and also secures the modules in place. Fewer components, completely pre-assembled – designed for quick and easy assembly.

You will find an overview of all components in the mounting instructions.

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