PV mounting system for metal tile roof

Easy handling

Our system variants - your choice! The variant with the short profiles C24 and C47 allows you easy handling on site thanks to pre-assembled components. Our mounting system for modules in portrait meet every requirement. When assembling on short rails, you use our 385 mm long, pre-punched module support profiles pre-assembled with EPDM seal.


Clamping system portrait

Most cost effective mounting

With our clamping system for metal tile roofs with module landscape assembly, we always have the right solution completely pre-assembled for you. Whether for the yield-optimized system or the project business, you get a proven mounting system with a high manufacturing quality, made from durable and corrosion-resistant materials. Our clamping system for metal tile roofs also gives you an attractive price-performance ratio. With the building authority-approved thin sheet metal screws, you can fasten the roofing tiles, which have already been cut to the correct length and glued with high-quality EPDM sealing strips directly onto the metal tile high beads.


Clamping system landscape

Tile roof mounting system

Clamping system landscape

Most cost effective mounting

Clamping system portrait

Low material costs

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