PV mounting systems for corrugated & sandwich roof

Clamping system - simple mounting system technology

When mounting on corrugated and sandwich roofs, you fix the photovoltaic installation directly to the purlins of the roof construction. For wooden purlins, you need the stock screw set for wood and for steel purlins the stock screw set for steel. The centric connection of the C-rails to the stock screw transfers the load centrally on the stock screw – this means that it is not additionally subjected to bending stress.


Clamping system

Insertion system - easy, stable and flexible

Whether you have a purlin roof with wooden or steel purlins, or a roof covering with corrugated or sandwich elements, with our stock screw set you can use our insertion system quickly and easily in your projects. The insertion rails are available in either blank aluminium or black to match the frame colour. The well-thought-out technology ensures security and mounting efficiency.


Insertion system

Corrugated & Sandwich roof mounting systems

Clamping system

Secure, stable and durable

Insertion system

Easy, stable and flexible

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