PV mounting systems seamed metal roof

Clamping system - perfect for seamed metal roofs

Be it a standing seam roof, a rounded seam roof or a profiled sheet roof, such as a Zambelli RibRoof or Domico GBS: Our novotegra clamping system, which has proven itself over years of service, ensures the reliable, stable and secure attachment of your photovoltaic installation on any seamed metal roof.


Clamping system

Insertion system - perfect aesthetic and high eciency

Proven clamping technology on standing seams and elegant system aesthetics thanks to our insertion system – the combination of extended standing seam clamps and proven insertion rails makes it possible. Whether on a gabled roof or a mono-pitch roof, with our insertion system for standing seam roofs, you can install the modules in portrait or landscape on the roof coverage.


Insertion system

Seamed metal mounting systems

Clamping system

Quick mounting from above

Insertion system

Perfect aesthetic and high eciency

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