PV mounting systems for facades



Mounting systems for sheet metal facades

Trapezoidal sheet metal facing is often found on industrial or commercial buildings in particular. The usually quite large surfaces on external walls are perfect for installing a photovoltaic system. We have two solutions in our portfolio for PV wall mounting on trapezoidal sheet metal - a mounting system with a bracket and one with a short profile.


Facade system short profile

Facade system trapezoidal bracket

Mounting system for solid facades

If a PV system is mounted on a solid exterior wall, for example on a house wall, sufficient rear ventilation must be ensured. novotegra offers a separate, substructure suspended from the building for this purpose, in which the rails are attached with a mounting base.


Facade system socket insertion rail


Facade systems

Concrete facade mounting base

Insertion system for solid building walls

Metal facade short profile

Material-saving fastening on the high bead

Metal facade trapezoidal bracket

Direct fastening on the side of the high bead

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PV wall mounting

The alternative to PV roof systems

In view of falling prices for modules and the increasing demand for solar energy, particularly in the winter months, the installation of photovoltaic systems on the outside walls of buildings is becoming increasingly interesting. Whether on the walls of houses or industrial buildings, the production of solar power from facade systems is an ideal alternative or supplement to power generation from roof systems.

The best choice in the planning phase

When planning a photovoltaic system on a façade or wall, we recommend the free Solar-Planit planning tool from BayWa r.e. This can be used to check whether the orientation of the solar system on the intended wall will achieve sufficient efficiency and thus generate the hoped-for yield of green electricity.

The safest way to mount modules vertically

All novotegra mounting solutions for PV wall mounting are insertion systems. The solar modules are gently placed in the insertion rails along the entire length of the frame. This guarantees secure and stable mounting. The virtually seamless installation of the modules ensures a homogeneous surface and a uniform appearance.

Impress with aesthetics

When planning a PV system on the facade of a building, not only technical aspects play a role, the visual design should not be neglected either. All visible mounting system parts are therefore also available in black anodized and can be combined with blue or black modules to match the colour. Optimal conditions for the design of modern, high-quality building facades!

Your advantage - quickly installed!

Quick and easy installation is guaranteed thanks to the prefabricated components. The facade systems can be installed with little effort using the installation kits, which reduces costs. For even faster installation, we provide helpful tips and tricks in the installation instructions.

PV wall mounting for cold and warm façades

Depending on the material of the facade, different systems are used for vertically wall-mounted solar modules. The solar mounting systems available from us can currently only be installed for cold facades, i.e. for facades with multi-layer outer walls (not for warm facades).

Solar modules for facade mounting

In terms of module type, the three mounting systems offered for facade PV are designed for crystalline framed modules. As far as the module dimensions are concerned, dimensions of up to 1.34 m are possible. The module frames can be between 30 and 50 mm high. The solar modules can be installed either transversely or vertically.   

Facade mounting as opposed to solar facade

While the modules are integrated into the building wall in a solar facade, usually using thin-film modules, in facade mounting crystalline modules are mounted with a wall bracket and sufficient spacing. The latter is made possible with our substructures for house facades or other building facades. You can see what a facade installation can look like in our reference projects "Wrapping building in sustainable energy solutions" and "Elegance meets sustainability".

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