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Elegance meets sustainability

Helping a ski resort meet lofty renewables goals

Flims Laax Falera is a Swiss mountain resort offering a huge range of activities, both in and out of doors. novotegra is helping them meet their long-term target of using 100% renewable electricity, generated on site.

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Setting the scene

This gigantic site uses an estimated 280GWh of energy, of which around 70GWh comes from renewable sources. However, potential exists for 160GWh of solar power to be generated throughout the resort.


Meeting the challenges

The site’s ski hall was identified as a prime candidate for driving up the amount of solar generation. Using the novotegra mounting system, it was straightforward for our team to unlock 84kWp of facade solar generation. This was achieved while remaining true to the look and feel of this picturesque holiday destination.


The result

The clear, sunny weather this location enjoys makes solar a vital element in meeting its sustainability goals. The fast, successful installation of the ski hall’s facade PV modules was an outstanding result. Looking towards the future, we can only expect the site’s renewable energy share to continue growing.


  • The snow reflects the sun's rays, the novotegra facade system is particularly suitable for snowy regions
  • Thanks to the black anodised insertion rails the facade shines as a visual highlight


More about the system

An opportunity for an innovative solar plant, which the bright environmental officer of WAG (Weisse Arena Group) Reto Fry quickly seized by the "scruff of the neck".

novotegra Team Switzerland

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