All mounting systems

Regardless of whether it’s a pitched roof or a flat roof, and no matter what type of roof covering, novotegra’s various mounting systems offer an easy-to-mount, safe and reliable solution for the installation of a photovoltaic system on virtually any roof. novotegra also offers mounting systems for photovoltaic systems on facades as well as an in-roof mounting system. What all of these systems have in common is their certified quality, exceptional reliability, and the kind of flexibility that meets all the needs of the trade. See for yourself! Please contact us for further information and questions about novotegra mounting systems.

Tile roof systems

For the installation of PV systems on tiled roofs, we recommend our clamping or insertion system, depending on the requirements, whereby both systems are available as top-fix and side-fix variants. We offer a wide range of roof hooks that can be installed quickly and easily. With our insertion system, you create an elegant and beautiful solution: For a uniform image, the insertion rail can be selected in a colour that matches the module frame.


Systems for tile roofs

Clamping system top-fix

Powerful, stable and flexible

Clamping system side-fix

Quick and easy fixing!

Insertion system top-fix

Position, insert – finished!

Insertion system side-fix

Powerful, stable and attractive!

In-roof system

All functions integrated in the frame

Flat roof systems

Our flat roof systems cover all common roofing applications: Whether bitumen, foil, concrete, gravel or green roof - whether east-west or south orientation - we have the right solution in our portfolio. Thanks to our latest flat roof system, Flat Roof III "the shortcut", installation is now even quicker and easier. Another highlight: our green roof system for extensive greening, which offers sufficient distance between the modules and the roof surface - the perfect symbiosis between PV and greening.


Systems for flat roofs

Flat roof III - "the shortcut"

Easy installation and low logistical effort

Flat roof III - Long side

Withstands high wind and snow loads

Flat roof II - "the allrounder"

Secure, stable and quick to install

Flat roof I - "the rock"

Our flexible solution

Green roof system

Biotope, water reservoir, air conditioning

Bitumen roof system

With our clamping system for bitumen roofs, we offer the possibility of roof-parallel direct fastening on bitumen shingles and bitumen sheets on wooden boarding. The modules can be mounted on edge or crosswise.


System for bitumen roofs

Trapezoidal metal roof systems

We offer a wide range of mounting systems for fastening photovoltaic systems on trapezoidal sheet metal roofs. We distinguish between roof-parallel applications and elevated variants. Particularly worth mentioning is our system with a slight elevation of 5°, with which we can significantly increase module efficiency.


Systems for trapezoidal metal roof

Clamping system portrait

Always the right solution

Clamping system landscape

Quick assembly

Clamping system light elevation

Increase in module efficiency

Insertion system trapezoidal bracket sheet

Convincing quality

Insertion system short rail

Attractive and unmistakable appearance

Corrugated & sandwich roof systems

With corrugated eternit and sandwich roofs, PV systems are mounted directly in the purlins of the roof structure using stock screws. Our mounting systems with suitable hanger bolts for wooden or steel purlins offer a safe solution for roof coverings with corrugated eternit or sandwich elements. The solution is available as a clamping or insertion system.


Systems for corrugated & sandwich roofs

Clamping system

Secure, stable and durable

Insertion system

Easy, stable and flexible

Seamed metal roof systems

For sheet metal seam roofs, we offer both a clamping and an insertion system. A wide range of seam clamps ensures secure, stable fastening on standing seam or round seam roofs. The PV system is mounted using our tried-and-tested clamping or insertion system, whereby the modules can be mounted vertically or horizontally.


Systems for seamed metal roofs

Clamping system

Quick mounting from above

Insertion system

Perfect aesthetic and high eciency

Metal tile roof systems

Two clamping systems with direct fastening are our solution for simple and cost-effective mounting of PV modules on metal tile roofs. Both systems - vertically and horizontally mounted - impress with their low material usage and the associated reduced effort and costs. 


Systems for metal tile roofs

Clamping system landscape

Most cost effective mounting

Clamping system portrait

Low material costs