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Regardless of whether it’s a pitched roof or a flat roof, and no matter what type of roof covering, novotegra’s various mounting systems offer an easy-to-mount, safe and reliable solution for the installation of a photovoltaic system on virtually any roof. novotegra also offers mounting systems for photovoltaic systems on facades as well as an in-roof mounting system. What all of these systems have in common is their certified quality, exceptional reliability, and the kind of flexibility that meets all the needs of the trade. See for yourself! Please contact us for further information and questions about novotegra mounting systems.

Tile roof

top-fix installation

Clamping system: Single-rail in portrait on beavertail tiles

Insertion system: In portrait on beavertail tiles

Clamping system: Cross-rail in landscape

Insertion system: In landscape

side-fix installation

Clamping system: Cross-rail in landscape

Insertion system: In portrait 

Clamping system: Cross-rail in portrait

Insertion system: In landscape

Trapezoidal metal roof

Roof parallel applications

Insertion system: In landscape short rail C47

Clamping system: In portrait rail pieces

Elevated applications

Clamping system: South-facing

Insertion system: South-facing with triangle on bridge

Clamping system: South-facing on east-west roof

Insertion system: South-facing with triangle on east-west roof

Clamping system: In portrait

Corrugated & Sandwich roof

Clamping & Insertion system

Clamping system: Cross-rail in portrait

Insertion system: In landscape

Clamping system: Cross-rail in landscape

Insertion system: In landscape

Seamed metal roof

Clamping & Insertion system

Insertion system: In portrait on standing seam

Clamping system: In portrait on round seam

Clamping system: In portrait on standing seam copper roof

Flat roof

Single-layer system (II)

Foil roof: east-west system II (single-layer) with third base trough

Foil roof: south system closed II (single-layer) with third base trough

Gravel roof: east-west system II (single-layer)

Double-layer system (I)

Gravel roof: east-west system I (double-layer) with north-south orientation

Foil roof: east-west system I (double-layer) with north-south orientation

Green roof system

Further solutions

About novotegra mounting systems



From planning to commissioning your solar system, you have all the advantages on your side with PV mounting systems manufactured by novotegra. This is because our PV mounting systems offer a simple, safe and reliable solution for practically any roof, including pitched roofs with tile and plain tile covering, as well as shingle and slate roofs, corrugated sandwich roof, seam metal roof and trapezoidal metal roofs, or any other roof covering. Reliable, tried-and-tested mounting systems are also available for flat roofs with coverings such as gravel, bitumen/foil and green roofs. The product range also includes PV mounting systems for photovoltaic systems on facades, as well as an in-roof mounting system.

novotegra offers all the components and products you need for the substructure of a photovoltaic system. From roof hooks optimally tailored to the respective roof and situation, to high-quality aluminium rails available in different profile heights and lengths, as well as in black and anodised, to tools, assembly aids and matching accessories.

Depending on the roof, novotegra offers a choice between various mounting systems: our clamping system, in which the photovoltaic modules are fixed to the aluminium rails with module clamps, or our insertion system, in which the solar panels are laid floating and tension-free. Both the clamping system and the insertion system are available as a top-fix system and as a side-fix system. This means the aluminium rails can be mounted on the roof hooks both from above and from the side.

But regardless of which PV mounting system you choose, they are all easy and efficient to install. An additional advantage is that our mounting systems can be designed for normal or high loads (e.g. snow). And the solar panels can be mounted both vertically and horizontally on the pitched roof, depending on the particular circumstances such as skylights, chimneys, etc.

This of course also applies to flat roofs in addition to pitched roofs. Our impressive east-west systems, for example, not only offer quick, easy assembly, high stability and safety, but also simple ballasting. Our wind-tunnel-tested south system for flat roofs also boasts the same advantages. And as for our green roof system, this provides sufficient distance from the roof surface for plants to grow or snow to slide off. The novotegra in-roof mounting system replaces the regular roof covering: The solar panels are mounted directly on the roof battens without roof hooks and rails.



One of the many advantages of this approach is that it makes it even quicker and easier to mount – particularly in comparison to other in-roof systems. Of course, the in-roof mounting system meets the same waterproofing requirements as roof tiles – as confirmed by analogous tests conducted by the Sursee Test and Research Institute. Visually matching, high-quality skylights and easy-to-use dummy modules complete the in-roof mounting system.

In our mounting system for facades, the photovoltaic system is mounted vertically on a suitable, solid exterior wall without external thermal insulation. The facade system is securely installed using dowels and stainless-steel screws approved by building authorities while also allowing good rear ventilation of the photovoltaic system. As with all novotegra mounting systems, the PV modules for the solar system can also be mounted either vertically or horizontally with our mounting system for facades.

novotegra mounting systems have already proven themselves throughout Europe for many years. And you can always rely on the high quality and reliability of the PV mounting systems we develop: In addition to DEKRA and TÜV certifications, novotegra mounting systems have received the CE mark as well as ETN and MSC certifications for the French and British markets. And because we are convinced of the reliability and high quality of our products, we offer a 12-year guarantee on our mounting systems.

If you have any questions about our different PV mounting systems, our specialists will be happy to help and advise you at any time. This also includes our free initial mounting service. As part of this service, a novotegra expert will support you on site for an entire day during the installation of a photovoltaic system with a novotegra PV mounting system. 

To ensure everything goes smoothly, safely and efficiently right from the start when planning your next photovoltaic system, we recommend using our free, web-based planning tool, Solar-Planit. This tool allows you to keep everything under control during the planning stage, from the selection of the best PV mounting system, the required number of roof hooks, rails and solar panels, to the calculation of the yield and economic efficiency of the photovoltaic system.

The best way to find out the best solution for you is to see for yourself. So what are you waiting for? Discover our full range of mounting systems and all the advantages they bring!

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