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Wrapping building in sustainable energy solutions

Reinventing sustainability on a recycling hall in Oberriet

Swiss Photovoltaik GmbH has demonstrated its expertise by conceptualizing and executing a groundbreaking 691 kWp solar installation for the Oberriet concrete factory, seamlessly integrating both rooftop and facade elements.

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Setting the scene

Installed in Oberriet, the PV system stands as a testament to revolutionizing renewable energy solutions. Notably, the facade of the recycling hall stands adorned with 744 solar modules spanning across 1355 m2, generating an impressive 279 kWp. Components of the novotera facade solution were employed for this objective. A pioneering approach was adopted, with the solar panels forming an integral part of the outer shell, optimizing space and functionality. This innovative building design not only harnesses solar energy but also effectively manages concrete dust within the hall, thanks to the strategically placed modules.


Meeting the challenges

The meticulous planning process, which required sophisticated calculations due to the special requirements of the facade system took approximately six months with intermittent pauses. This laid the foundation for the ambitious project. Despite its complexity, the installation was completed within a mere two months.


The result

The solar modules adorning the recycling hall facade, alongside those installed on the roof, collectively generate a staggering 691 kWp of clean energy. This monumental achievement not only underscores Swiss Photovoltaik's technical prowess but also sets a new benchmark for sustainable infrastructure in the region. By seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics, the project stands as a shining example of innovation driving environmental stewardship.


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