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Tile roof

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Clamping system

Project Type

Family home

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Efficiency Home Plus settlement

Proving solar’s economic and aesthetic credentials

In Hügelshart, not far from Augsburg, Germany, housing developers set out to demonstrate that sustainability isn’t only essential for our planet. It also produces properties which are financially attractive and architecturally stunning.

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Setting the scene

In 2015, planning began on the Efficiency House Plus housing estate. Envisioned as an ambitious proof of concept for wider acceptance of renewable energy. Cutting-edge air conditioning, air-water heat pumps, and on-site battery storage were designed for each home. Of course, solar power played a key role in the project’s success. novotegra was used for the top-fix mounting on every property’s tile roof.


Meeting the challenges

These roof-mounted PV systems had to be visually consistent with the architectural vision of the estate. They also had to be efficient enough to meet ambitious energy targets. Using Solar-Planit, we could navigate these site constraints and develop a system that met specifications.


The result

The first residents began moving into their new homes in July 2017. With 760m2 of PV modules installed across all rooftops, the outcome was seriously impressive. Following a three-year evaluation, it was found that over 70 % of each home’s energy usage was self-generated. Across 13 homes, that equates to 5.3 tonnes of CO2 saved each year. With solar power leading the way, this represents a fantastic outcome for our mounting system and the partnerships which allow it to move from vision to reality.


  • Single-layer installation up to skylight possible thanks to rail projection

  • Even with flat tiles, novotegra enables an appealing system appearance


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