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Supporting Mercedes-Benz Italia’s CO2 reduction goals

Cutting costs and carbon for an iconic car brand

Having set ambitions CO2 emissions targets, Mercedes-Benz Italia used novotegra to mount nearly 1,400 solar panels atop their 240m2 logistics facility in Rome. As a result, they’ve cut around 300 tonnes of CO2 each year and saved 35% in energy costs.

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Setting the scene

The team at Mercedes-Benz understand the opportunities that come with embracing the renewable energy transition. Increasing their clean energy share doesn’t only come with significant reductions to CO2 emissions, it can also help cut corporate energy bills. Mounting rooftop solar panels onto their large logistics sites has the potential to generate large quantities of power for each facility. novotegra was chosen as the ideal mounting system for the project.


Meeting the challenges

The facility in north Rome covers some 240m2 and faces south, so our South II mounting system was perfect for the job. Using our Solar-Planit software, we could help Mercedes Italia refine their initial concepts. The final design worked with the site’s specific constraints to optimise its intake of solar energy. That design called for the flat roof to be fitted with almost 1,400 individual PV modules. The strong mix of expertise Mercedes Italia chose to bring on board for the project meant it was completed ahead of schedule.


The result

This installation is expected to repay its own construction costs in as little as four years. It supplies 40 % of the site’s power requirements, saving an annual 35 % on energy bills. Mercedes Italia can easily monitor how much electricity will be produced each day. The entire project has a generation capacity of up to 500 kWp and saves as much as 300 tonnes of CO2 every year, novotegra is already being used for similar projects on other sites across Italy.


  • Due to the flexibility of our novotegra flat roof system, we were able to meet the requirements of this company building
  • The base troughs were extended at the edges in order to remove the necessary ballast and thus reduce it. This leads to a low surface load
  • Fully and understandably documented in the associated project report from the Solar-Planit planning software


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