Roof Type

Flat roof

Mounting Type

East-west system

Project Type

Company building

Installed kWp


Driving sustainable technology

Rooftop PV cuts costs and emissions for IHSE

Roof-mounted photovoltaics is helping a German technology business mitigate their own carbon impact and send a positive message.

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Setting the scene

IHSE are German technology leaders, so they’ve always had one eye on the future. Decarbonisation is that future, so they’ve committed to energy independence. Their new building in Oberteuringen would be fitted with rooftop PV, using novotegra’s sophisticated approach to ballast management.


Meeting the challenges

It was important to protect the PV installation from high winds, notorious in the region. Careful planning let us design the ideal, most resilient layout of solar modules before getting to work.


The result

99.35 kWp is now being produced from the building’s flat roof. Added environmental measures on site, like bee-friendly green spaces and a biotope, add even greater depth to the project. An estimated annual CO2 saving of 182 tonnes is something to celebrate!

“A holistic approach to sustainability, looking at biodiversity alongside renewable energy, has achieved great results for IHSE. This project shows there’s always more we can do to embrace a cleaner way of doing business.”



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