rooftop with photovoltaic

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Flat roof

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East-west system

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Company building

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Clearing the way to clean energy

Implementing rooftop PV at a cleaning company in Duiven

The successful implementation of the almost tool-free flat roof III system by Solar en Projecten has helped Nederrijn Schoonmaak to achieve its sustainability goals.

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Setting the scene

Nederrijn Schoonmaak, a dedicated environmentally friendly cleaning company, aimed to become more sustainable and contribute to environmental conservation. In collaboration with Solar Projecten en Services, Nederrijn decided to use the novotegra flat roof III system for their PV plant.


Meeting the challenges

The challenges began with convincing the building owner. Once permission was granted, the planning was carried out using the free planning tool Solar Planit. Thanks to the optimized features, like the pre-fabricated components of the flat roof III system, the installation process was completed quickly without any complications and with few tools required.


The result

Upon completion of the project on Nederrijn Schoonmaak's flat roof, an impressive capacity of 48.8 kWp was achieved, leading to a CO2 reduction of 23.77 tons per year. Despite initial challenges, the company expressed extreme satisfaction with the outcome.

"The streamlined features of flat roof III not only facilitated a rapid installation but also align seamlessly with our commitment to quality and efficiency."



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