Bitumen pitched roof | clamping system

Clamping system with direct fixing

  • mounting modules in portrait or in landscape
  • module clamping in the optimum clamping range
  • reduced logistical effort
  • quick and efficient mounting from above

More information on mounting systems for bitumen flat roof 

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Only a handful of components, entirely preassembled

Low material costs and easy handling

Direct fixing with building authority-approved mounting screws

Only one mounting tool necessary

More information about the bitumen roof clamping system

Classic meets modern - the brand new roof-parallel direct mounting for bitumen shingles and bitumen membranes on wooden formwork is characterised by very fast installation and low logistical effort. The modules can be laid and mounted portrait or landscape. You are certainly already familiar with the profiles used for direct mounting on trapezoidal metal sheet roof.

As usual, the free Solar-Planit planning tool is used to calculate your bitumen project. Simply select "Bitumen" as roof covering. Then you can define the formwork (wood or OSB). Of course, you still have the option of mounting on bitumen using stock screws. For this, select "Tile" as roof covering and "Bitumen shingles" as tile type.

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