Roof Type

Flat roof

Mounting Type

East-west system

Project Type

Residential building

Installed kWp


Green PV harmony on the roof

Pioneering PV green roof solutions in s'Hertogenbosch

In collaboration with 100% Zonnig, novotegra literally drove the use of green energy forward by providing the innovative pv mounting system for the realization of a pv installation on a green roof.

Icon/20x20/Arrow-left Created with Sketch. ’s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Setting the scene

In the heart of Hertogenbosch, the landscape of residential living is undergoing a transformative shift towards eco-friendly energy solutions. Partnering with installation trailblazers 100% Zonnig, novotegra proudly presents a remarkable project that not only captures the essence of green living but also establishes a new benchmark for sustainable energy integration.


Meeting the challenges

Integrated into the picturesque residential complex, novotegra has embarked on a project to harness the potential of green roofs in combination with photovoltaics. With the aim of revolutionizing energy consumption, the focus was not only on meeting the energy needs of the building, but also on the seamless fusion of solar technology with the lush greenery that graced the rooftops.


The result

Overcoming the challenges posed by the green roof, novotegra for green roof seamlessly integrated 92,745 kWp of solar power, forming a symbiotic relationship between solar technology and nature. This pioneering project sets a precedent for eco-friendly urban development.



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