Roof Type

Flat roof

Mounting Type

East-west system

Project Type

Company building

Installed kWp


Rooftop PV in dizzying heights

Height resistant solution for urban corporate building at Metrostav

Metrostav partnered with novotegra to revolutionize energy consumption in its administrative building. Facing challenges of height and weather, Solar Planit and novotegra's expertise were pivotal.

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Setting the scene

In Prague's bustling urban environment, Metrostav's administrative building aimed to pioneer sustainability by embracing solar energy. Teaming up with novotegra, the objective was to harness the potential of novotegra’s flat roof II system for the specific challenge of building height.


Meeting the challenges

Confronted with a 24-meter building height and unpredictable weather patterns, the project demanded strategic planning and resilient execution. Leveraging Solar Planit and novotegra's expertise, the team adeptly navigated these challenges, ensuring a seamless implementation process.


The result

The adaptable mounting system, coupled with Solar Planit's precise planning, delivered an integrated solution that reduced energy consumption for the administrative building. Covering an occupied area of 250 m2 and boasting an installed kWp of 49.14, this initiative underscores Metrostav's dedication to renewable energy integration and environmental stewardship.



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