Roof Type

Flat roof

Mounting Type

South system

Project Type

Public fire station

Installed kWp


Emergency services tackling climate emergency

Roof-mounted solar for a city fire station

Installing rooftop PV on a 28,959 m² fire station with a green roof was a new challenge for us. Our teams got to work helping a local authority push their energy transition.

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Setting the scene

The German city of Tübingen decided on a full-feed rooftop photovoltaic system for their new fire station. Sustainability was high on the architectural agenda, with a green roof specified alongside the solar panels.


Meeting the challenges

This was the first time we’d been called on to mount photovoltaic modules on a green roof. There were a number of fresh planning challenges to account for. Evolving construction requirements also stretched out the planning phase to around a year. Effective communication was central to this project’s success.


The result

The finished south-facing project is now generating 53 kWp of clean solar power. Tübingen’s local authority can look forward to less dependence on traditional fuels and the regional grid.

"Technologies like novotegra are essential when we’re talking about public buildings that present all sorts of unique development challenges. Flexibility is key.”


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