Roof Type

Corrugated & sandwich roof

Mounting Type

Clamping system

Project Type

Food factory

Installed kWp


Putting rooftop PV on the menu

Decarbonising agriculture for a Spanish co-op

We helped one of Spain’s major faming cooperatives do even more for sustainability. Now, their facility also hosts a 288 kWp solar farm.

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Setting the scene

Grupo Pastores are a Spanish agricultural cooperative of over 1,000 members, based near Zaragoza. They wanted to cut costs and emissions for one of their food factories. novotegra offered a trusted rooftop solar solution.


Meeting the challenges

The site’s corrugated and sandwich roof required careful optimisation of PV module placement, using clamp mounting. We determined that the finished custom solution would be capable of producing 288 kWp.


The result

This project, one of Spain’s first such self-consumption initiatives, was a big success. A 15% reduction in energy bills is saving over €700,000 per year, alongside a 22.64-tonne cut in emissions. 378 MWh per year of solar power represents a tangible leap forward for Pastores.

“The level of ambition across the region to farm more sustainably is inspiring. For Grupo Pastores, solar represents more than cost savings alone. It’s an important part of futureproofing their operations. Members of the future will thank them for their work today!”



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