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Would you like to showcase your successful photovoltaic projects? Tell us about your best reference projects. Our guide will help you format your submissions to meet our and the general guidelines and requirements.

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Our guide will help you format your submissions to meet our and the general guidelines and requirements.

When using drones for image capture, please observe the following EU guidelines on data protection and flight permissions.

  • Compliance with data protection

Ensure that all captured images respect the privacy of individuals. Avoid capturing identifiable faces or personal data without consent.

  • Gardens, balconies, and terraces in the neighborhood are strictly subject to data protection. If these areas can be clearly seen in the image, it is better to obtain consent from the affected person (e.g., the owner of the neighboring building).


  • Flight permissions

Check whether you have the necessary permissions to fly drones in the area. This includes compliance with local regulations and no-fly zones.

  • Most drone apps will show you no-fly zones. These are mainly areas near airports.
  • If your project is in a city center (where there are many pedestrian zones), you will most likely need a flight permission from the city.


  • Declaration of Consent

Always obtain a consent form from the property owner. Inform them about who will receive the images and for what purposes the images will be used. This legal document is essential to protect both parties. Please use our document for this purpose. Ensure that this document is completed and signed before submitting any images or project data.


Declaration of consent


  • How can I best photograph my project?

To present your photovoltaic installations in the best light, please try to follow these guidelines for submitting images

Preferred equipment

Use a digital camera or drone to capture high-quality images. Mobile phones can also be used, but keep in mind that most phone cameras have wide-angle lenses that can distort the image.  

Focus on roof and building

Ensure that the main subject of your photos is the photovoltaic installation on the roof or building. Avoid capturing irrelevant objects.  

Clear Scene Composition

Aim for a clear and tidy composition, free from distractions. Highlight the installation itself and the architecture of the building.  

Images of the installation process

If possible, include images from various stages of the installation process. This provides a comprehensive overview of the project.  

Completed installation

It is important to submit at least one high-quality image (min. 1920px x 1080px) of the completed installation. This will be the highlight image of your submission. 


  • Provide necessary project information

Accurate and detailed project data is essential to create a compelling story about your installation. Follow these steps to provide the required information:

  • Reference Form: Always use our official reference form to submit project data. This ensures that we have all the information we need to create a compelling narrative for our website. 

  • Comprehensive Answers: Whenever possible, answer all questions in the form in detail. Avoid one-word answers.  


Reference form

  • Photo resolution: min. 1920px x 1080px
  • Video data: min. resolution: Full HD (1920x1080), preferably 4K (3840x2160) 
  • Image format:
    • supported formats: JPEG, PNG
  • Video ​​​frame rate (frames per second): min. 25 fps, attention: min. 50 fps for slow motion material
  • Aspect ratio:
    • Images: 16:9, 4:3 
    • Videos: 16:9 is standard for most platforms

Download relevant documents or make an online submission


Online project submission

Declaration of consent

Reference project submission PDF-file

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