Beavertail roof hooks

Stable roof hooks for mounting PV modules on beavertail roofs

Roof hooks for beavertail tiles are a reliable solution for mounting PV systems on pitched roofs with beavertail roofing. novotegra offers a tried-and-tested roof hook for beavertail roofs in two versions, thus meeting all the requirements of installers.  

PV roof hook for beavertail tiles provides advantages

The "BS 30 roof hook" is ideal for mounting C-rails on beavertail roofing. The 3-way adjustable roof hook can be used for rafter widths from 48 mm and covers a batten height of 24-33 mm.

Thanks to the height adjustability, no wooden battens or metal sheets need to be placed underneath during installation, which saves time and material. Uneven roofs, different tile thicknesses and tile widths can be easily levelled out. As the roof hooks do not rest on the tiles, no plain tiles are required. 

The solution for all the challenges of beavertail roofing

In the event of high snow loads or if an extremely high load-bearing capacity is required, the "BS 30 double roof hook" is used. This variant of the beavertail roof hook has all the advantages of the "BS 30 roof hook" and is also optimised for very high loads.

Both novotegra roof hooks for beavertail can be easily installed on single roofing as well as double roofing and crown roofing, making them the perfect solution for all types of beavertail roofing. 

Material and manufacturing make the difference

A special feature of novotegra roof hooks for beavertail is the manufacturing process. During production, the roof hooks are drawn round from high-strength stainless steel - instead of being rolled. These round steel brackets achieve a high degree of material strength and load-bearing capacity.

In addition, the stability achieved in this way means that fewer roof hooks are required on the beavertail roof - one hook for every second rafter is often sufficient. This makes installation quick and easy. Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, a highly corrosion-resistant fastening solution is guaranteed.

The right roof hooks for your project with beavertail roofing

novotegra roof hooks for plain tile roofs are the ideal choice for secure and durable fastening of PV modules. The robust design guarantees stability and durability for many years. The necessary mounting material is completed with the matching clamping system for beavertail roofs.


Mounting tutorial

Beavertail insertion system

Watch how the roof hook for beavertail roofs and the corresponding mounting system are installed.