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In-roof system - smart and progressive solution

It simply looks great: With the Arres in-roof system for mounting photovoltaic modules, your roof turns into an aesthetic, homogeneous surface. The photovoltaic installation replaces the roof covering on the entire roof surface – or only in selected areas of the roof. Easy-to-handle blind modules and visually matching, high-quality skylights complete the in-roof system; all components are manufactured in black. Our in-roof mounting system ensures security and a high production quality and durability. It is suitable for any roof and is easy and – compared to other in-roof systems on the market – very quick to install.


In-roof system

Facade system - highest level of elegance

With the novotegra facade mounting system, you use the exterior wall of a building to generate electricity: The photovoltaic installation is hung vertically in front of the facade – but it does not touch the building and is well-ventilated from behind. Our facade mounting system is installed on a solid exterior wall out of, for example, brick, stone or concrete – and exclusively on cold facades, meaning on walls without external insulation.


Facade system

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In-roof system

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Facade system

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