iF Design Award 2022: novotegra for green roof

The international Forum Design GmbH awarded novotegra for green roof with the iF Design Award 2022 in the category "building technology".

Our new mounting system for green roofs enables a sustainable solution thanks to the use of recycled components as well as the high module supports providing a greater distance between module and roof surface to avoid shading by plants. The panels are installed in an overlapping manner. This mounting feature allows for quick and easy installation of the substructure without measuring - guaranteed error-free! The very few parts simplify storage and logistics.



"The design aim of novotegra's green roof system was to develop a mounting system that allows a simple combination of green roofs with photovoltaics. The challenge is to combine ease of installation, flexibility in alignment and the use of the roof substrate as ballast. By using recycled "garbage can" plastic, it was possible to break new ground constructively while saving gray energy at the same time. With this system, the answer to the question green roof or photovoltaics should be "both" in the future. As a full-service PV provider with an international presence, BayWa.re is the ideal partner for sales in the growth market for green roofs."

David Meyer, Developer of the green roof system


More about the system

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