BayWa r.e. AG invests in sustainable new building in Tübingen, Germany

Around 20 million euros BayWa r.e. AG is investing in the new buildings for offices, logistics and storage areas, which will also provide space for novotegra GmbH. After completion of the construction work, which uses a particularly sustainable plus-energy construction method, the warehouse and office capacities at the site will increase significantly.

"Climate protection and sustainability are very important in Tübingen. All the people in the region, the city administration and the local council, many institutions, the local economy and citizens have been working hard for this for years with great success," said Tübingen's mayor Boris Palmer at the topping-out ceremony. "It is therefore fantastic that BayWa r.e. AG is setting an example with its new building here in Tübingen, showing that modern real estate can already meet ambitious environmental and climate targets today, without having to compromise on comfort or functionality."


Topping-out ceremony for large new building

The headquarters of BayWa r.e. Solar Energy Systems GmbH in Tübingen is not only home to offices, but also one of two central warehouses in Germany with around 20,000 square metres of storage space to date. Now a further 11,000 square metres of logistics space and warehouses for photovoltaic system components will be built. 
By summer 2023, an ultra-modern office building with a floor area of 2,700 square metres will be completed using sustainable construction methods. The future buildings are designed as plus-energy buildings, i.e. they produce more energy than they consume. Building materials such as wood and glass will dominate the design of the buildings.

"Today is a great day for novotegra GmbH! After intensive planning, construction started in November 2021 and the completion of the hall is planned for February 2023. The hall was specially designed for the storage of mounting system components. In the future, we will be able to store our novotegra mounting system on more than 11,000 square metres. During the planning, special attention was paid to making it easy to handle the long rails. On the upper floor, the hall offers space for more than 1700 pallets for storage. Our new training centre and also our test stand for testing the components will also be housed in the hall. With this, we should be prepared for the future and we are looking forward to also being able to supply you with further mounting system components of the novotegra mounting system family."

Thomas Pfaff, Managing Director novotegra GmbH


Largest PV system in Tübingen

In addition to the 515 kWp photovoltaic system already installed on the existing building with an annual electricity production of 500,000 kWh, further solar modules with a total output of 1.2 MWp will be installed on the roofs of the new buildings and building-integrated on three facades, generating around 1.2 million kWh of electricity per year. BayWa r.e. Solar Energy Systems GmbH will thus operate the largest rooftop PV system in Tübingen, impressively underlining its ambitions as a successful company in the renewable energies market for everyone in the region to see.


Sector coupling and complete renunciation of fossil energy in new buildings

The new buildings will produce almost twice as much electricity as will be consumed there. In addition to electricity, this is also used to supply heat and air conditioning to the buildings through heating and cooling ceilings. In parallel, the operation of forklift trucks in the warehouses and the supply of more than 50 wall boxes for charging electric cars and e-bikes is also ensured. A modern solar storage system with a capacity of 1 MWh supports the well thought-out overall concept, which impressively puts the much demanded sector coupling into practice. The use of fossil energy can be completely dispensed with.


Karin Kreuzer

Global Communications Manager